Peter & Melissa:

“We had specific requirements for a dining room table. We wanted it large, with retractable leaves. It had to match our existing furniture in color and finish. And it had to look great with our chairs and seat at least eight adults.


All Quality Woodworking met with us and designed and built a unique butterfly table that’s large, elegant and clever. And it matches our existing furniture perfectly and works great!.” Peter Bottemanne, Priority One Flower Shippers


Peter & Melissa Bottemanne,
Priority One Flowers





A Butterfly Leaf Dining Table

Peter & Melissa wanted a new dining room table that looked elegant, seated 8 - 10 people comfortably, and had concealed leaves. We came to their home, and looked at their space. They wanted the table to match some existing furniture with a particular hue and finish.

We suggested a "butterfly leaf" table that employs a clever way of storing a hinged leaf under the table. Take a look at this clever table below! Several years later, the table is working great!


Butterfly Table